Roasted Vegetable Pitas with Chipotle Cream

I’m going to this convention called C2E2 next weekend, and one of the celebrity guests that will be there is RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad.  I went back and forth over whether I was going to go to his panel, because I still haven’t finished the show and I know they will talk about the ending.  The friend that I am going with and I conferred on the panel, and we both agreed that we should go.  So…that means I haven until next Saturday to finish Breaking Bad.


It’s actually good this happened, because I am the worst person when it comes to actually finishing shows.  I get super into one.  Badger all of my friends with stories about how how amazing it is and how they should all drop whatever they’re doing and immediately watch it.  And then I don’t finish the show.  For some I’m okay with that (namely Dexter, because I heard the ending was laughably awful) but all the positive feedback from the Breaking Bad finale makes me feel like it’s something I should watch.

2014-04-15 08.15.59

I feel like this meal sort of goes with Breaking Bad because it’s somewhat Tex-Mex, which allows me go go out on a far, far limb and say it’s 100% what the Whites would eat for dinner.  I mean, there’s no proof that they didn’t eat roasted vegetable pitas with chipotle cream.

I originally found this recipe in my Giada Feel Good Eats cookbook, and then promptly went ahead and changed most, if not all, of the ingredients.  I didn’t feel like buying a butternut squash.  Red peppers were too expensive.  My grocery store didn’t have whole wheat pitas OR zucchini.  Magically, it still all came together is definitely one of my favorite things I’ve made recently.

Roasted Vegetable Pitas with Chipotle Cream

2014-04-15 08.15.50


2 summer squash, chopped

1 green pepper, chopped

1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 tsp oregano

1 1/2 tsp cumin

3 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 chili pepper, de-seeded and minced finely

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

2 pitas sliced horizontally (you end up with 4 pieces)


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

In a large bowl, mix together the vegetables, spices, oil, and beans.  Spread evenly on a prepared baking sheet, and bake for 20-25 minutes.

On another baking sheet, bake the pitas until crisp, 5-7 minutes.

In a small bowl, mix together the minced chili pepper, yogurt, and lime juice.

To assemble, spread a dollop of the yogurt mixture on a pita and then add the roasted vegetables on top.

2014-04-15 08.15.36

Source:  Loosely adapted from Giada’s Feel Good Foods

12 thoughts on “Roasted Vegetable Pitas with Chipotle Cream

  1. you do like the chickpea, don’t you 😉 Curious your feelings on the HIMYM ending (assuming you watch, only based on your first clip). I stopped watching as soon as I heard the rumor that Ted was narrating as a widower. Which is a shame as I was so good about keeping up once I got into the show. But that’s what they get for turning the show all serious.

    • I DO love chickpeas! lol And, yes, I did see the HIMYM finale. And now you’re getting me on my soapbox about it! I had a lot of feelings. Some positive and some negative. I really didn’t like the fact that we spent an entire season with the Barney/Robin wedding to only have the marriage end. I think a lot of that season, and the one before, was showing how good of a match those two were and how much they’d grown both separately and together. I thought it was sort of cheap to build all of that up and then go, “Oh, never mind they got divorced.”

      As for the Ted x Robin stuff, I thought it was a major disservice to the fans. We watch 10 seasons with the assumption that this is how Ted ends up with the Mother. And then we meet her and they flesh the relationship out so well. And then…she dies. They hardly even spend any time on that. I almost would have been okay with it if they showed more of the illness and Ted dealing with it. Instead, it just seemed like they killed her off for the easy segue way to Ted x Robin. There also is no way the kids so cavalierly tell their dad to hook up with their aunt. I don’t care how much they love her or how long the Mother has been gone, it came off as false.

      I feel like the finale sort of cheapened the rest of the show, which for the most part was so, so good. I’m going to just pretend it never happened and the gang plus the Mother are off living happily on their old-people-porches!

      And, wowzers, sorry for the Tolstoy length response. I just have a lot of HIMYM feels! I’m uncertain from your comment if you watched the finale. If so – did you like it??

      • ha! You’ve confirmed my suspicion that the finale was not worth watching. I boycotted the show a few episodes before the end, fulling expecting the dying mother thing to be a hoax and have to go back and catch up. Then it all panned out and I did what you’re doing–denial. Or at least waiting for another season finale where they admit they SCREWED UP and fix things. It was a fun show–about drinking and friends–so why go so maudlin at the end. Sounds like agree and I enjoyed your soapbox 🙂 You’ll make a wonderful lawyer.

      • The one good thing from the finale was Barney becomes a father (from a one night stand) and NPH played that scene perfectly. But, then again, it’s NPH. He does everything perfectly.

  2. I am in the middle of breaking bad also!! Currently in the middle of Season 4…when it gets VERY tense. As if it wasn’t tense already!! And hey, I totally think the Whites might have eaten roasted veggie pitas with chipotle cream. ANd even if they didn’t, I would. So there.

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