Ham and Cheese Poppers

Please do not let the extremely ugly and underexposed picture turn you off of these ham and cheese poppers.  That would be sad, and a travesty to socks-with-sandals-proportions.

These came from a classic moment of me planning on making one thing, changing my mind, and then having to make use of the ingredients I bought.  I was planning on making mini chocolate croissants for a girl’s night, but ended up studying all day instead.  I had thawed the puff pastry, though, and didn’t want to let it go to waste.  Not wanting to make a dessert, I started brainstorming what I could make with the dough.  I had some honey ham from the deli, and started thinking of ham and cheese turnovers.

I’m going to let you in on a secret — these were supposed to be turnovers, but then I got frustrated with trying to fold the dough the right way and ended up just making poppers.  It’s the same thing, really, just less pretty.  I’m going to go ahead and say they’re rustic.  Because that sounds better.

I served these to my roommate and neighbors and they were gone in about ten minutes.  I’ll take that as a success!

Ham and Cheese Poppers


1 sheet puff pastry dough, thawed

4 oz slices ham

4 oz gouda cheese, shredded


Roll out the puff pastry dough into a large rectangle. Slice down the center and cut each side into four triangles.  Put a slice of ham and then shredded cheese in the center of each triangle.  Bunch the edges at the center, making sure to seal the poppers.  Bake for 10-12 minutes, until golden.  Serve alongside whole-grain mustard.