Gilmore Girls Weekend

My favorite type of friends are the ones that you can just sit on the couch for hours and watch TV with and you’re both perfectly content.  I had this friend growing up who constantly wanted to be doing things and it was exhausting!  I remember thinking – can we just sit and watch some Rugrats for a little?  I am very fortunate to have several close friends who share my affinity for the couch and good television.  One of them – the delightful Chrissy – visited me this weekend and we embarked on an absolutely epic Gilmore Girls weekend.

Admittedly, we didn’t spend the ENTIRE weekend on the couch.  Although, I sort of think we both would have been cool with that.  We started off at a local bar called Firehaus that has possibly my favorite food ever.  Let me introduce you all to the wonder known as Firehaus fries.


You start with some perfectly cooked fries.  Then, you add melted cheese, scallions, bacon, and the perfect amount of ranch drizzled on top.  If you aren’t thinking HOLY YUM you probably should just leave my blog right now.



For the sake of our friendship, it’s a good thing Chrissy liked them.

The next day I was determined to show her that my town is not absolutely boring – which, admittedly, it sort of is.  So, I pulled out all the stops, beginning with perhaps my favorite place in Champaign-Urbana: Curtis Orchard.  Chrissy and I both agreed that this was the sort of place there would be in Stars Hollow (the Gilmore Girls town) and we ALSO agreed it made it about a hundred times better.  Curtis Orchard is Wizard of Oz themed, and just about the cutest place on this planet.



Follow the yellow brick road!


Thank goodness it’s a COOL bus.  That was a close call.


Bye bye, Lil Sebastian.  Miss you in the saddest fashion.


After Curtis Orchard, we did some outlet mall shopping.  I wish I took a picture of the outlet mall because it’s set up to look like the cutest little shopping town.  It was my first time there – despite living in the C-U for two years – and I am pretty much horrified.  I will be going back many, many times in my last few months here.



This happened at American Eagle and I could not have been happier.

It was a successful outing for both of us.  I bought some JCrew stuff and then two overpriced candles from Bath & Body Works because I’m actually an 80 year old woman.  They were buy one get one free, though!  You’d be crazy to pass that up!  Now my apartment smells like Christmas and I’m only half certain it’s the reason my allergies are going bananas.

To complete the Gilmore Girls weekend, it was only proper that there was an actual Gilmore Girls viewing party.  Saturday night was filled with copious episodes of GG, too much pizza, chips, and a bag of candy that I might have accidentally melted under my laptop the next day.


All in all, I have to say that the weekend was perfect.  In the ramping up before finals it was nice to see an old friend and to be reminded that there is a world outside of law school.  Yes, it did result in what feels like a two day sugar-hangover, but it was worth it.  So worth it.


16 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Weekend

  1. Friends that one can just hang out with and watch tv with are simply the best! And the photos of your weekend look absolutely adorable..’lil Sebastian …too freaking cute lol!

  2. I love (1) that you mentioned Lil’ Sebastian (2) cheese fries and (3) that you’re as obsessed with Stars Hollow as I am. Gilmore Girls is totally my procrastinating go-to show right now and

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