What I’m Loving Friday: My Fictional Boyfriends

I like doing these Friday posts themed.  I also like talking about TV.  So, in a paltry attempt to continue on that happy train, I am dedicating this What I’m Loving Friday to those men on screen that make all of our hearts go pitter patter.



I’m pretty sure I have a man for every taste in this list.  I hope you enjoy!!

For the girl who likes her man nerdy I bring you Ben Wyatt.


He’s smart.  He’s sexy.  He can hold his own in a Star Wars debate.  I think Ben Wyatt is probably the closest to someone I would choose in real life.  He’s the perfect nerdy cute guy who has serious plaid shirt game.

For the girl that likes a man with dimples and a badge I bring you Derek Morgan.


I’ve had long conversations with friends over who we would lock down from the men of Criminal Minds, and I always end up caught between Derek Morgan and another of the BAU team members (Spencer Reid for those who watch!).  At the end of the day, though, Derek Morgan wins.  Because of abs.

For the girl that likes her man with a side of superhero I bring you Oliver Queen.


I had a lot of superhero men to choose from, but Oliver Queen is the winner because of how magnificently he pulls off a pea coat.  If you don’t want a man who can pull of a good pea coat I don’t think we can be friends.

For the girl who likes her man with a long, long way to go I bring you Mr. Big.


I’m a Big fan.  It’s out there now.  He started off awful but then really redeemed himself by the end.  I mean – SPOILER ALERT – he flew all the way to Paris to get back the woman he loved.  So, yes, it took him a long time to get to a place where we -as viewers and decent human beings – didn’t hate him, but OH WAS THAT PLACE GLORIOUS.

For the girl who likes her man with an accent I bring you Niklaus Mikaelson.


Okay, so he MIGHT be a murderous vampire.  And if you lived in Mystic Falls, odds are he’d have turned or killed someone you know.  But, you can’t have everything.  Stop having such high expectations.

For the girl who likes her man sporty I bring you Coach Eric Taylor.


Unfortunately, this man belongs to Tammi Taylor, but we can look.  And repeat his team mantra whenever the situation calls for it.  Which is pretty much any and every situation.  Repeat after me: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

For the girl who likes her man a little grumpy and a whole lot sexy I bring you Danny Castellano.


No man in the history of television – or life – has made red reading glasses look more sexy.  He should start a reading campaign.  If I didn’t read already, I’d start.

What TV men make your heart go pitter patter?  


15 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Friday: My Fictional Boyfriends

  1. First of all Liz I need to seriously email you and get you number. You and I need to be like best friends!! That said you are dear to my heart! These men!! Derek Morgan is the reason why Wednesday is the best day of the week and why criminal minds remains my favorite show! Goodness. But I agree I do love spencer too especially after peeking at a few of his modeling photos a few years ago. His hair!! And the rest of the list! I’ll take me a Danny please! And a Big!

  2. Oh man, I wanted Niklaus and Caroline to work things out for the longest time. I know he’s done terrible things, but he really did seem to love her! It’s looking like that’s never going to happen now that he has moved almost entirely into a new show. *sigh*

    Also, as a side note… I mentioned you on my blog today. 🙂

    • Girl! We need to Vampire Diaries talk!! I really ship Caroline with Stefan. I have since S2!! BUT, I’ve shipped Caroline with every single person she’d been with, including Klaus, so I see where you’re coming from!

      I have to ask — who do you like Elena with?? I’m a huge Damon shipper, but I DID really like her and Stefan at the start!

  3. ha, I’m totally out of it, I guess, as I don’t know any of your faves. Except Mr. Big–heard of him but did not watch Sex and the City. (too busy raising babies, lol–that’s the downside of real boyfriends that turn into husbands. JUST KIDDING) Though I am all over David Tennant’s handsomeness and all-around greatness when it comes to acting. He does the Doctor thing so well. So he’s my man. But if you’ll allow me to show my age, I will share that I have a diary from when I was 10 where I list my Imaginary Boyfriends. The page was titled Imaginary Boyfriends lists: Professor (from Gilligan’s Island), Bo Duke, Batman. So I get what you’re talking about. 🙂

    • I so love that you had a legitimate list of imaginary boyfriends!!!! And David Tennant (and all his characters) will always rank high on my list of fictional boyfriends! I was going to include The Doctor, but I figured I talked about Doctor Who enough on here 😉

  4. I love Danny, but I also love Dean from Gilmroe Girls. I know people are either in team Dean or team Jess, but I’m team Dean all the way.

    • What about Team Logan?! That’s where I firmly am. I do love Dean, though. I liked him up until after Rory gets with Jess. Hated him in S4. Like…you’re married, leave Rory alone. And Jess I liked UNTIL he started dating Rory. He was cute in the chase but then was probably the worst boyfriend on television. I won’t say Logan didn’t have his flaws, but…I love him to bits!

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