What I’m Loving Friday: TV Edition

With premiere season in full swing I thought I’d dedicate an entire “What I’m Loving” post to the good ol’ boob tube.  I love premiere season.  The networks just exude hope and excitement with their returning favorites and the new shows that are tirelessly promoted with endless advertisements and spots on talk shows, which will predictably be for naught when the show is cancelled two months later.  Ahhhh, premiere season!


Here is a rundown of my favorite shows on TV now – new and old!  I’ll try to talk about shows that you haven’t already heard me obsess over 😉

1.  Sleepy Hollow


I do think I talked about this before, but it was last year!  That was so long ago I barely remember it.  So, I’m banking on you not remembering it, either.  The basic synopsis – a soldier from the Revolutionary War is resurrected in present day Sleepy Hollow, and him and his kick ass partner fight to stop the end of the world.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse are involved.  So is Benjamin Franklin.  And George Washington.  And, naturally, a headless horseman.  Just talking about it has me all excited – it’s so good!!!!!!

2.  The Mindy Project


I used to only watch this show because it aired after New Girl and I never got around to changing the channel.  Now, I would happily watch it without New Girl.  While that show has devolved into something barely recognizable, The Mindy Project has only grown sharper.  Quick synopsis for those who haven’t seen it – imagine The Office set in a gynecologist’s office.  There you have it!  Also, there are a bunch of golden quotes like the one above.

3.  Gracepoint


This one is actually new!  It’s based on the BBC drama Broadchurch, and is the rare network show that is structured like its cable television counterpart.  Instead of the standard 22 episode season, Gracepoint will be wrapped up in a succinct 10 episodes.  I personally love this, because it allows for each episode to be more meaningful.  There are no filler episodes when you only have 10!   Again, for the uninitiated, a quick synopsis – a quiet town is shaken by the murder of a young boy, everyone is a suspect, and David Tennant with a questionable American accent.

4.  Arrow and The Flash


Oh, Arrow.  I had an entire post dedicated to Arrow and the beauty of all its shirtless workout scenes.  I mean, the lead IS a vigilante.  He needs to keep fit!  Along with Arrow, I am so loving its spinoff The Flash.  It focuses on Barry Allen, who after a freak accident becomes the fastest man alive.  Both of these shows have the feel of a big action movie with the sort of intimacy that you can only find with characters who live in your living room each week.  Plus, there are lots of pretty people in them.

5.  Bad Judge


This one pretty much explains itself.  Kate Walsh plays, well, a bad judge.  I like it less for her acting out than for the subplot where she serves as pseudo guardian for the thirteen year old son of two people she put behind bars.  It’s only been on for two episodes, but I think it has potential.  Kate Walsh is always a delight, and as a law student I get a certain level of amusement out of law-based shows.

6.  Selfie


This show is the victim of a terrible title.  Seriously, whoever came up with that title should be fired.  Despite its contrived name, the show really does have a lot of heart.  It’s a modern day incarnation of My Fair Lady, and Karen Gillan and John Cho are an absolute dream together.  She is adorably dense and him delightfully exasperated.  Is it cartoonish at times?  Yes.  Do they try too hard to be hip?  Absolutely.  But, it’s a feel good comedy, and after watching something like Gracepoint you need that!

What shows are you excited about?



8 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Friday: TV Edition

  1. I thought I watched a lot of tv but your roundup just proved me wrong. I’ve heard of all of these but only watch Mindy religiously. The rest I’ve yet to check out. Bad judge was on my list coz I like Kate Walsh since her Grey’s anatomy days. And selfie I just ignored because as you said the name is stupid. Will have to check it out though.

    • Bad Judge is such a guilty pleasure for me, but I do really enjoy it!! And Mindy has been KILLING it this season! I love that they’re been able to keep the Danny/Mindy stuff interesting without throwing in a bunch of angst.

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