What I’m Loving Friday

It’s Friday!  Woot!  Now, let’s get down to business!  Side note – someone said that to me on a date once.  LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.  It makes me snort just as much now as it did then.  Anyway, seriously, let’s get down to business.  What I’m Loving Friday.  Let’s do this.

1.  Sex and the City


I bought the entire series for 40 dollars during a super sale at Half Price Books this summer, and since then it is has basically been playing non-stop in my apartment.  To answer the question I’m sure you’re all dying to know, I’m a total Charlotte.  Although sometimes Carrie will say something and I think, YES.  But, to be fair, a lot of times Carrie will say something and I think, GOD NO.

2.  This face


I made this my cover photo on FB.  I have no regrets.

3.  Farmer’s Markets


I’ve been in law school for two years and Saturday was the first time I went to our local farmer’s market.  I don’t understand how it took me so long.  It was basically everything I could have ever hoped for AND I discovered this health foods store across the street from it where I can buy my weird foods like pumpkin seeds and coconut oil.  Saturday was a very big day for me.

4.  Dirty Dancing


E! played this movie earlier in the week and I had the luxury of having absolutely no plans that night (thanks friends) and I stayed in and watched it.  Funny story about that movie – it’s my mom’s favorite.  When I was around fifteen or so we sat down to watch it together on the small TV in my bedroom, and she completely forgot about the awkward sexy-dancing-love-scene.  I will never forget the look of abject horror on her face as she sat with her teen daughter and watched Johnny Castle and Baby No-One-Remembers-Her-Last-Name get it on.

5.  Sweater Weather


It’s coming guys.  I can feel it.

What are you loving?!


14 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Friday

  1. First of all farmers markets are the best!! And being a student it’s a cheaper and fresh air for the soul. But duuuudeee sex and the city!! Is always on in my apartment. I have all of them and just love it 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

    • I’m actually watching the movie as we speak (or I guess as I type!). I haven’t seen it in years and definitely do not remember half the plot. I started watching when they were in Mexico (it’s on E!) and I was like – why are they in Mexico? What is happening?! lol

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!!

  2. Ps: I’m loving the sweater weather this morning and that I’m going to run a mighty race this weekend that’s going to kill me 🙂

    • I totally get that!! I watched the movie a few days ago and was getting all teary eyed at the end when they’re at the diner for Carrie and Big’s wedding reception and they all just look so happy!

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