You all may not know this but I have a brother, and in my humble and completely unbiased opinion, I think he’s the best.  I mean, sure, your brother is probably pretty cool, but mine sends me random mock-up photos of Arthur the Aardvark with Supreme Court justices during finals for a laugh.


He so gets me.

He’s been away from home for school for a good four years, but is back in Chicago for the summer.  Having him back home made me think about our relationship and how lucky I am to have such a great brother.

We’re close now, but it didn’t start out that way.  My mom tells me often that the worst day in my brother’s young life was when I learned how to pull myself up on a couch and could reach all his toys which he had moved to the couch to avoid my grubby little hands.  He lost his private play area then and life was never the same.


I was definitely an annoying little sister.  When I think about it, I probably still am.  I constantly wanted his attention and crashed in on him playing with our neighbors more times than I count.  I also spilled holy water that my grandparents had gotten him from Lourdes, France all over the floor.  I don’t remember the circumstances of that particular instance, but I do remember the yelling afterwards.  I eventually grew on him, though,especially  when he learned that the best part of having a baby sister is teasing her.


Over the years we went from being these siblings bothering each other to ones who genuinely rely on each other for advice and help.  He has been my biggest champion during this long, long journey known as law school, and I like to think I’ve been his, too.  He’s at law school over at University of Pennsylvania (which is an Ivy League, btw, he’s such a smartie), and I’ve called him more times than I can count seeking help on a certain problem I’ve encountered or advice about the job search.  Or that one time my car wouldn’t start the day before I was supposed to drive home from school and I called him in a panic because my knowledge of cars does not exceed driving them.


I also get to hear him complain about University of Pennsylvania specific things, which will never, ever stop being funny.  At U of I, it’s just a completely different atmosphere.  I complain about undergrads crowding the Starbucks or people sleeping at tables in the library, and he complains about John Legend’s impromptu concert on campus interrupting his studying.


So, here’s to great siblings!  Tell me about yours!


3 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. Very cute picture…my younger brother and I have a similar relationship. He is VERY smart, much smarter than me, although I wouldn’t tell him that to his face.

    He also has a rather large ego. LOL

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