Why You Should All Watch Arrow

I recently started watching Arrow, and I am completely obsessed with both the show and the excessive number of scenes that are probably meant to show the main guy, Oliver Queen, staying in shape, but I read as gratuitous opportunities to show Oliver Queen sans shirts doing pullups.  Or these things.


My dream Arrow episode is just 40 some minutes of Oliver Queen working out.  I don’t need a plot line.  Just give me Oliver shirtless doing a bunch of random workout moves and I’m a happy girl.  I’ll also settle for an episode that is just 40 some minutes of Oliver and his bodyguard/partner Diggles working out.  Because Diggles is equally well built.


There are a lot of gratuitous shirtless men in this post.  I feel like I should have added a rating up top or something.  Anyway, as much as I love the Oliver Queen training scenes.  And fight scenes.  And, let’s be real, any scene where he is either in a suit or is shirtless – WHICH IS BASICALLY ALL THE SCENES – there is one minor problem.  And that problem is that the actor who plays Oliver kind.of.sort.of  sounds like Dawson Leery, and it causes me to have terrible Dawson’s Creek flashbacks.


I should note that I love Dawson’s Creek.  I just really, really, really hate Dawson.  They should have renamed that show Pacey’s Creek.  Because otherwise its namesake is a milquetoast do-gooder who thinks that an oversized beige sweater is appropriate first date attire.


No, Dawson.  No, it won’t.  By the way, thank you internet for letting me google “Dawson Leery beige sweater” and finding the exact screen cap that I wanted.  The internet knows what’s up.

Anyway, the point of this post is basically to make you watch Arrow.  And potentially make me rewatch Dawson’s Creek.  For those of you wanting a synopsis of the show beyond just there-are-lots-of-shirtless-men, it’s about a millionaire playboy who gets stranded on a deserted island after his boat crashes.  The island ends up being incredibly dangerous, and Oliver survives there for five tumultuous years before finally being rescued.  The show depicts both flashbacks of the time on the island and Oliver becoming a vigilante back home.  It also depicts an enormous number of of workout sequences.  To which all the female fans say, THANK YOU.

There’s lots more I could write about the plot, but I don’t want to spoil any big reveals!  And, for my Doctor Who readers, BOTH John Barrowman and Alex Kingston are in it!!!

4 thoughts on “Why You Should All Watch Arrow

  1. WHERE IS MY LOVE BUTTON FOR THIS POST ?!?!?! Oh my goodness, I saw your WBS comment and ran over here because, hello, shirtless Stephen Amell (who is Canadian, by the way! And from my hometown!!) and then I arrived and found these AMAZING DAWSON’S CREEK SCREEN CAPS!!! I love you so much right now I can’t even.

    • Haha, so jealous he’s from your hometown!! Have you had any sightings?? I would totally stalk him usual haunts.

      Also – so glad you enjoyed the Dawson’s Creek caps! I’m glad someone is as excited about them as me! lol

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