Friday Faves


I’ve always loved Fridays (who doesn’t?) but I love them EVEN MORE because of these Friday Faves.  You all know how much I love going on about my hobbies/TV shows/etc and I love having a venue to do it at every.single.week.  I just love it guys.  I love it so hard.

1)  Forks over Knives


I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this movie.  I knew about it for around a year before I finally sat down and watched it.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in food or health.  The basic premise is how animal products and processed foods contribute to the development on many chronic diseases and certain cancers.  The movie advocates a whole foods and plant-based diet where animal products are completely eradicated.  While I don’t think a drastic eating change will result for me from watching (we all know I love my Meatheads) it has made me more cognizant of what I’m putting in my mouth.  It’s really not that difficult to cut down meat consumption, and I think it’s something that ultimately is better for us and for the planet.

2)  Chicago Comic Con


(This is from last year.  You can bet I will recreate this exact pose in August.)

Okay, this doesn’t actually happen until August but they’ve released some exciting guests that are going to be there, and I am beyond excited.  Not only is Karen Gillan from Doctor Who going to be there (!!!!), but Evan Peters from AHS, a large chunk of the Walking Dead cast, and my main main James Marsters from Buffy.  Plus, they just released a particularly exciting name…David Boreanaz!!!  Angel/Seeley Booth is going to be in the house for his first public signing, and I could not be more thrilled it’s in Chicago!  August cannot come soon enough!!!!

3)  Hallmark Channel Movies


So, a few weeks ago I made the (terrible) discovery that on Saturday and Sunday Hallmark Channel plays its made-for-TV movies pretty much the entire day.  I ended up tuning in halfway through the classic See Jane Date, which had just about every bit TV actor in it, and then I found myself staying for the next movie.  And the next one.  Annndd the next one.  All of a sudden it was dinnertime and I didn’t know where my last five or six hours had gone!

4)  Pickles


This is going to sound weird, but I love eating pickles straight out of the jar.  When I’m wanting something salty I find that a quick pickle slice from the refrigerator is enough to satisfy my craving!  I know it’s weird, but let’s be honest, half of this blog is peppered with my weirdness.

5)  The Veronica Mars Movie

I already waxed and waned about this movie, so I won’t do it again.  But I couldn’t not include it in my Friday Faves!!!  I absolutely loved it and have loved gabbing about it all week.  Now I’m ready for the book series to start up!!

What are your favorites right now?!


3 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. naps are always my favorite thing ever 🙂 and funny how different strokes for different folks, but I enjoy some weekdays more than weekends as it’s the only chunk of time I get by myself. Not always, as sometimes I run around to clients, etc, but come weekend I have to share my space with a husband and kids all day long!

    not that the husband and kids wouldn’t make my Faves list. Though they’re joined by nutella pound cake and yes, DIY boozy marshmallows 😀 Happy weekend, TTL!

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