Kale Chips

The Veronica Mars movie came out on Friday, and it was everything I could have hoped for and much, much more!!  I was pretty much having a heart attack the entire time, in the most amazing and not fatal way.

So many familiar faces were brought in, and the movie was chock full of little references for fans to freak out over.  I just loved the movie so much, and it’s even better because the fans really made it happen.  I know some people had issue with fans helping to finance the movie, but I think it’s a really beautiful thing.  All of us (well not  me..because I didn’t donate to the Kickstarter campaign…which I still regret) banded together to bring back characters and a world that we loved!

There’s literally nothing bad about that.  It’s good.  All good.  So, while the haters still go on with their hate-faces-on, all us Marshmallows are going to continue freaking out over the perfection of the movie, and the forthcoming book series (!!!), and how mobilizing a fandom really can make things happen.

These kale chips have nothing to do with Veronica Mars, but I think its resident vegan Kristen Bell would enjoy them.  I, myself, had never tried kale chips before but I had a large stash of kale in my refrigerator and wanted a quick way to use it before it turned bad.  Fun note – I actually underbaked this batch.  They got all soggy after I put them in the container, but I still ate them because they tasted like oil and salt.  I subbed in the correct cooking instructions in here, though!  With just a bit more time in the oven, you end up with delicious crispy kale chips!  They’re the perfect way to keep your hand out of that Lays bag!!

Kale Chips

2014-03-09 07.29.45


1 bunch of kale, de-stemed and torn into bite sized pieces.

1 tbsp live olive oil



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large bowl mix together the kale, olive oil and salt/pepper.  Lay the kale evenly on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the kale is just beginning to darken at the edges.

Source:  Giada’s Feel Good Food and Oh She Glows


8 thoughts on “Kale Chips

  1. kale chips rock–no better way to eat an ENTIRE BUNCH OF KALE IN ONE SITTING. Seriously–it goes down like popcorn. (which, btw, is a good thing to mix kale chips with 🙂 ) Love that you ate yours even if a bit underdone.

    Veronica Mars looks like something I need to investigate. Boo to the haters–whoever they may be. No room for that in this world. If you and amb say it’s a good show, I’m already sold.

    • Yes! There’s a post on Oh She Glows that is all about kale chips and good tips on how to make yours turn out well. It’s a pretty highly viewed page, so you should be able to find it easily!

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