Friday Faves

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!!!

I’ve never done one of these Friday faves posts, but the fact that I neglected to take photos for today’s recipe post makes now seem like the perfect time for some Friday-faves-action.  Nothing like some unplanned slacking to stoke the creative fires.  Without further adieu, I bring you a list of random things that I’m loving right now!

This amazing Burts Bees Honey and Milk lotion.


I’m a major cuticle picker, so I try to always keep my hands moderately moisturized.  My reasoning is that if my hands are nice and smooth I won’t go ahead and butcher them.  That reasoning has yet to actually work out, but I’m hoping for a breakthrough in the foreseeable future.

Luigi’s Italian Ices


Late night snacks are my jam.  Do you know what’s not my jam?  Late night snack pounds.  These italian ices are great because they’re only 100 calories each and they take FOR-EVAH to eat.  I love food that takes a long time to finish.  Longer snack times = a happier Liz.

American Idol and The Voice


I’m putting these both together because I love them equally for the same reason.  Spoiler alert – it’s not because of the singing.  Both shows this season have such amazing judge panels.  Watching them interact and poke fun at each other is may more entertaining than any mediocre singer ever could be.

Bright Sunny Days for Driving

Last week, when I drove through a highway so foggy that I felt like I was in a scene out of some low budget halloween movie, I realized how much I don’t appreciate sunny days.  Long drives in nice weather are actually pretty nice.  Yesterday I drove home during a nice and bright day, and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.  I’m going to hold on to that feeling, as my drive back to school is supposed to be with snow.

Jimmy Fallon Lip-sych offs

These are nothing new, but the latest one with Paul Rudd is just GOLDEN.  I’m not sure if it reaches the perfection that was the original John Krazinski lip-synch off, but Paul Rudd’s sweet dance moves make it come pretty close.

What are your Friday faves?  Tell me in the comment section!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever visited your blog before but I love your writing style and how non-egoish you are. I mean that in a good way – you come across very real and I like that. Thanks for commenting for so long on my blog without me returning the favor! I will have to look that video up on youtube b/c for some reason it wouldn’t play for me here. my friday (or Tuesday lol) faves are It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product (I have thin hair and it totally smooths it, shines it, and gives it body!) and my hands-free pumping bustiere b/c it allows me to do thing like comment on your blog while pumping. haha!

    • Thanks so much, Veronica!!! You definitely need to look up at video! I’m sorry it didn’t play – it appeared to be all good when I previewed the post. Anyhoo, while you’re cruising YouTube, you should also try to find the John Krasinski-Jimmy Fallon one. Per usual, the original is the best!

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