What I’ve Learned From Gilmore Girls

This won’t come as a surprise to any of you, but Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite television shows.  It’s been off the air since 2008 but I still watch it pretty regularly.  Over the course of my years of watching, I’ve learned some pretty important lessons from the Gilmore Girls.  The show is chock full of wisdom, and these are a few of my (silly) favorites.

Whoever told you there’s no such thing as a stupid question lied.



Sometimes you will irrationally hate someone’s name, and that’s okay.

There are many ways to evaluate a life, but only one way is correct.

Just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t mean you have to – or should – go date them.

Emotional support is the key to any successful relationship.

There’s a fine, but distinct, line between hate and active dislike.

And, finally, the greatest (and sassiest) way to prematurely end a frustrating phone conversation.


8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Gilmore Girls

  1. Hhahaah!! First post here and I am dying here lauging out loud. I LOVE Gilmore girls and have all seasons and still watch it regularly despite being gone for so long. And boy these lessons of life are accurate!! Solidarity sister. I’m a new fan and follower 🙂

  2. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS POST !!! Sorry for shouting, but you know how I feel about Gilmore Girls Liz !!!! Eeeeeeee this made me so happy on so many levels 😀

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