Snicker-Chip-Doodle Cookies

I’d like to start this post off by saying that law school guys are the worst.  Now, I don’t know why this surprises me since it was well established during my four years of college that guys themselves are the worst.  Plus, I had a minor thing with a University of Chicago law student during undergrad who ended up being THE WORST.


See?  I don’t know why I’m even a little surprised.  Let me tell you about this guy.  After weeks of hearing nothing from him, he texted me at midnight one weekend asking if I wanted to “chill” at his apartment.  I didn’t respond for several reasons.

(1) I do not do booty calls.

(2)  No self-repsecting man uses the word “chill”.

(3)  No self-respecting girl gets involved with guys that use the word “chill.”

So, I don’t respond and go another several weeks without seeing him.  I end up randomly running into him at a bar and he has the nerve to call me out for not responding to his text.  I return with:

ME:  You texted me “Let’s chill” at 12:00.  You know what that means.

MR. CHILL:  No, I don’t.  What does it mean?

ME:  It means a booty text.  You BOOTY TEXTED me.  So, yeah, I didn’t respond, you tool.

Okay, I didn’t actually call him a tool, but I DID call him out on booty texting me.  The next day I wondered if I had been a little too mean to him, but then I remembered that he booty texted me with “let’s chill” and I decided I was just mean enough.


The bottom line is that guys are awful – especially law school guys – and U of I’s crop is no different.  So, this guy gets my number.  He comes on all strong (but not too strong) and I’m not hating it because he’s cute and I thought that maybe, possibly, HOPEFULLY, after a severely disappointing 1L year 2L would be different.  Nope.  That’s not what happened.  The dude is hoarding my number.  It’s like being in Facebook friend request purgatory, only worse, because this time the person proactively got your contact information and then, for some mysterious reason, doesn’t use it.  Of course, my first inclination is to blame myself.

But that’s bananas.  I’m awesome.  The only explanation is that this guy is just like every other stupid guy who doesn’t call, and there is really only one thing to do.


These are basically snickerdoodle cookies on crack.  It’s a delicious sugar cookie stuffed with chocolate chip cookies and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  If you don’t like these…I don’t even know.  That probably means we can’t be friends anymore.

Snicker-Chip-Doodle Cookies

You can find the recipe over on How Sweet Eats.


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