Sick Day Faves

I’m home sick from work today with some sort of cold-ey up-all-night-coughing-and-sneezing thing.  I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it feels like an elephant is sitting on my face.  Which, you know, is sort of uncomfortable.  I labeled it a cold initially, but I heard that my dad is leaning toward a sinus infection.  I’m hoping for the sinus infection because (a) it sounds cooler, and (b) you can actually take medication for it unlike stupid colds.  So, fingers crossed that it’s a sinus infection!

While being sick sucks – I think we can all agree on that – there are some perks.  First off, it’s a legitimate reason to play hooky from work/school/life in general.  No one wants to be around the snotty person hacking up a lung.  Unless they’re into that stuff, of course.  In which case, they might want to go see a good shrink.  Being sick is a widely accepted excuse for lying on the couch and doing nothing but drink tea and watch Keeping Up With The Kardasians re-runs.  And that is a beautiful thing.

So, without further adieu, I’m going to share with you a list of my sick day faves.  Because I like lists.  And I’m sick, and you all have to indulge me and pretend that you like my lists, too.  Pretty please?

1.  Endless Hours of Television

When you’re stuck on the couch the best thing to do is binge-watch a show.  My binge of choice this time around? Ugly Betty.  Love it.

2.  Sick Food

Sick food is the best.  You can legitimately just have comfort food all day and not feel the least bit guilty.  I’ve been having a lot of dreamsicles to help soothe my throat.  It’s tasty AND it works.

3.  The Ability To Look Gross and Not Care One Bit

As women we spend a lot of time trying to look nice.  This may be true for men, too.  I don’t have the parts, so I don’t know.  I know for me, I like to look nice and put together.  This doesn’t always mean makeup, but I don’t like to leave the house looking like a total slob.  When I’m sick?  Slob-central.  You’re almost expected to look awful.  And friends, I can assure you that today I more than meet that expectation.

4.  Sick Sympathy

Let’s face it, getting sick sympathy is one of the best things about being sick.  When you feel like you’re dying, nothing is better than having someone check in on you and basically get you anything that you need/want.  This is not to be abused, though.  Because at some time that other person will be sick, and you will be the one doling out the sick sympathy.  So, you must tread carefully.  Badger others as you would badger thyself.

What are your sick day faves?


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