Outgrowing Forever 21

Today is the day I realized I’ve outgrown Forever 21.  I wanted to go there and find some cheap blazers to wear for work.  I remembered getting some cute ones before and thought I could pick up a few to round out my summer business wear.  Apparently, the Forever 21 of my memories doesn’t exist anymore.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was a bunch of crop tops.  I should have known it would only be downhill from there.  I looked around, attempting to find anything worth trying on within the overly-packed-displays.  I’m sure the store is organized in some fashion, but I had the hardest time finding any rhyme or reason to how things were arranged.  With that said, though, there was a section for bedazzled clothes.  So, if I needed something bedazzled I was covered.

As I trudged through the mess (and I mean mess) of clothes, I kept wishing that I were in J.Crew with the nice spaced out displays where you can actually see the clothes.  But, of course, our store closed a few months ago.  The gaping hole in that mall and my heart will never truly be fixed.


I ended up finding one cherry red blazer that looked decent and then a few dresses I impulsively picked up because I can’t resist a good dress.  There was one blazer I saw that was actually really striking – 60’s swing style with tweed and black lining.  And then I saw it was $42.00.

Nice try, Forever 21.

Anyway, the Forever 21 employee who I’m convinced was just out of junior high led me to a dressing room and I set out on on the sometimes-fruitful-mostly-awful task of trying on what I had chosen.  The blazer went first since it was what I actually went there to buy, and while it wasn’t awful something about it didn’t look exactly right on me so I put it to the side.  The dresses were next, and while both of them looked like a normal length on the rack, they ended up hitting inches from my baby maker.  The sad thing is that these were the longer dresses in the store.  Others were much shorter and I’m guessing are in danger of bringing the idea of flaunting your femininity to a very literal level.


I made another short round after the dressing room to see if I had missed anything, but a row of bustiers scared me and I left.  I know Forever 21 always had some edgier clothing, but considering that its main audience is high school students, I found the amount of overly-sexualized clothing bothersome.  I mean, no one except  Madonna circa-1987 should be wearing bustiers.

Bottom line, Forever 21 and I have officially parted due to irreconcilable differences.  It was time.  So, good riddance Forever 21.  I’m sure there will be enough teeny-boppers and beyond to keep you in business for many, many years to come.  As for me?



12 thoughts on “Outgrowing Forever 21

  1. I can’t shop at Forever 21 anymore, either. Partially because, as you’ve stated, I’ve outgrown the styles they have, but also because, quite literally, I’ve outgrown their clothes. It seems like you have to be tiny to fit into their clothing, which is really frustrating. But maybe I’m just too big. 😛

  2. Seriously laughing! But, I also get it! I hate stores that demand for you to be either 6’3 and size 00 or 5 foot and a size 2. Which I’m neither! I’m normal and can barely find anything to wear in this overly cluttered store. Besides they’re not the only store that sorts their clothes by color….doesn’t Goodwill? I’d rather go there!

  3. I had to laugh at this…I can so relate.

    So I obviously outgrew Forever 21 about 16 years ago and it was a sad day because I felt old. But really? I was always too tall for that store! Nothing ever looked good on me.

    Do the online thing…there are some really nice blazers at J. Crew and they are having a sale! I have the Boy Blazer (I think that’s what it’s called) and I love it.

  4. I still shop at Forever 21, but very very carefully! This year I think I’ve bought three things there. A white & navy striped tee, a red blazer, and a cobalt blazer, both of which are NOT bedazzled! I’ve more or less given up on their dresses, though. Too short! I think I will always check out F21 when I want cheap costume jewelry though.

    • It definitely has. Although even after writing this entire post I thought again today about going and trying to buy some basics there. I swear I’m a shopping-self-masochist! lol

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