Finals and Awesome Nerdiness

It’s finals time so I have not been cooking/baking/doing anything not related to Constitutional Law.

Well…except for this weekend when I hopped back home to go to a comic book and entertainment expo.  Yeah, I was worried a bit that I was shirking my educational duties, but it was totally worth it.  So, I have nothing of real substance to post except for a plethora of nerdy-geeky-awesome photos to share from this weekend.  I’ll indulge you for a few…um…twenty or so.

I told this guy he had a great costume and he very seriously told me, “You will take a picture.”  Who was I to say no to Obi Wan?

I’m still half-convinced this guy was the real Harrison Ford.  I mean…seriously!!!

This is just a small portion of the main floor.  My heart goes pitter-patter just looking at it!

Original Hunger Game costumes.

Weeping Angels and a terrified Liz.

This still cracks me up!!

I want to marry this man.  I mean, think of all the free fake mustaches I’d get.

If I ever want to consider facial hair at least I know vaguely what it’d look like.

Sith lords and Jedis, they’re just like us.

And that’s all, folks!

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