Law School Prom

This weekend I took part in one of the greatest reasons to go to law school: Law School Prom.  Forget about your JD and a fulfilling education.  We got to put on party dresses and dance our patooties off at a place called Roundbarn.  Now that is the top, my friends.

As someone who literally heard about law school prom (we actually call it Carbolic Smoke Ball here after a contracts case) the first week of class, I was more than a little excited for the big day.  Pretty sure my wedding will not even reach the level of anticipation I harbored all week.  I mean, last year there was an actual amorous couple who decided it was a good idea to make it under the appetizer table.  If that isn’t indicative of an event worth going to, I don’t know what is.

The night started at a friend’s apartment where I repeatedly wanted to take off my painful shoes, but abstained due to all the other spiky heels there (and the likely questionable sanitation of the floor).  Seeing as my foot was assaulted by my roommate’s shoe later on at the dance, I think it was a wise choice (prompted by said roommate) to keep my shoes on.  Speaking of my roommate, we took a picture together!

Please note our friend Julia being a creep on the left.  And Ashleigh being a creep in the middle.  Creeps abound.

Can I just take a moment to say how amazing her dress is?  I’m obsessed with it (i.e. if it goes missing Sarah, you should not check my closet).  Anyhoo, we were at the party for about an hour and while there Sarah and I also ran into our tour guide from Admitted Students Weekend where we met.  Naturally, a picture had to be taken.

This is one attractive picture.  Go us.

I also saw some of my SBA peeps and forced them to take pictures with me.  See those big smiles?  They’re such troupers.

After the party we headed to Roundbarn in a cab and then the real event was set into action.  My friend Leroy was the DJ and he kept the party going with great music.  My favorite part was the three song stretch of country songs where I attempted some questionable line dancing.  I also enjoyed the slow song where I was set up with a dance partner purely for the awkward story I got to tell afterwards.  What can I say?  My life is a poorly written sitcom.  Anyhoo, another picture!

Me and Chiedza.  You should have seen her Lady Gaga shoes.  I would have broken my neck in those in five seconds flat.  Actually, probably more like two seconds.

The party went until a little past midnight, and while some people took the party to campus, I took the party straight to my PJs and went to bed.  I’m proud to say that I not only managed to lay my dress nicely on my ironing board, but I also washed my face and brushed my teeth.  I feel like I’ve finally reached adulthood.

I can honestly say that law school prom was everything that I hoped it would be.  I got to dress up, dance for hours on end, and be with all my favorite people.  Cannot wait until the next one!

8 thoughts on “Law School Prom

  1. Patootie? Really? And might I recommend $600 heals? They don’t hurt, even after a night of dancing. And they make great sculpture art in your apartment. Also, sugar bombs. Please brief us, Ms. Polit.

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