What I’ve Learned About Law School Softball

What have I learned about law school softball?

I don’t actually like playing.

Now, I know you’re going to read this and go, “Well, then why are you on the team, dummy?”

First off, that use of “dummy” was completely uncalled for and second, that is a very good question.  Why am I on the team?  Because law school softball is an institution.  It’s one of those things that is innately College of Law, and you sort of fell left out not doing.  I vividly remember my neighbor who went here before me talking about it repeatedly and how great it was.  Plus, you get snazzy t-shirts.  And if you didn’t know this about me, well, I will do just about anything for a t-shirt.

I didn’t mind it last season because we had too many people to play, so I just sat in the dug-out with my one teammate’s fiancé and gabbed it up.  I also would hand out baked goods to everyone when they came back from the field.  It was basically an hour of gossiping, eating, and talking about the relative attractiveness of the other team.  Now, I have to actually stand in the field and get constantly yelled at by our captain for not paying attention.


It’s not always bad, though.

I had an admittedly good play on Thursday with a touch of my usual ridiculousness.  I got on a base and through subsequent plays ended up running to home.  For someone who has never even gotten close to home base, it was pretty exciting.


home base, here I come!!!!!!!

So, I touch what I think is the base and everyone is yelling me for me  to “Touch home!”.  So, I go back and plant my foot on the same thing.  Finally our captain yells, “No, Liz!  You need to touch home!  TOUCH HOME!”

To which I reply:  “WHERE THE F*** IS HOME?!”

Turns out I was touching the thingie that you bat off of, not home plate, which I had ZERO clue about.  The umpire came to my aid and everyone laughed – including me – as I finally touched home and ran back to the dugout.  Despite my awesome play (it was totally awesome) my captain is benching me for our Sunday game.


I’m not complaining.


14 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Law School Softball

  1. Hahahahahaha….you’re softball experiences are epic. And, side note, I quite during 2L because everyone got too serious so I’d just go to cheer….and maybe drink…

  2. Hahaha, this sounds a lot like my experiences playing on a kickball league a few years back. We tended to drink a lot before the games, and I once ran from home plate to second base while everyone yelled at me to run to first. It happens 🙂

    • Bahahahaha that is too funny!! We were short on teammates one time and had these two drunken classmates play. Watching them play remarkably well while sloshed is one of the highlights of this year!

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