What I’ve Learned From Gilmore Girls: Part II

I did a post like this a while ago on the old blog where I talked about what I’ve learned or picked up from Gilmore Girls.  One post was not enough, though.  This show extolls endless wisdom, so I thought I’d share with you a bit more!

1)  The best fake bar names

My goal in life (IN LIFE) is to have some creeper hit on me at a bar and then get him to believe that my actual name is Squeegee Beckenheim.  I am pretty sure that experience would rank up there with my wedding and passing The Bar.

2)  A perfect man, defined

Lorelai's taste in men, Gilmore girls

Oh, hey there Gilmore Girls, outlining the perfect man.  All you need to add here is a healthy nerd culture obsession, and you’d have just described my future husband!

3) Wallow, wallow, wallow

it's time to wallow

I know wallowing is technically supposed to be for when a relationship ends, but I’ve taken a broader construction of the concept of wallowing.  Like, my Con law professor assigns too much reading – cue the wallowing.  I have a bad bang day – cue the wallowing.  It’s a Wednesday — cccuuueee the wallowing!

Basically, I allow myself to consume large amounts of junk food and trashy television without the accompanying heartbreak.  Pretty sure my broad construction is better.

4)  This insult.

gilmore girls

I’ll use this on any guy who won’t believe that my name is Squeegee Beckenheim.

5)  The occasional breakdown is alright.  It’s recommended, even!

Gilmore Girls

15 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Gilmore Girls: Part II

  1. A lot of people don´t understand why I like Gilmore Girls, they tend to say” but they speak so fast”! That`s why I love it! the fast talking with the incomprehensible mumbling about nothing and everything!!! I guess you just have be a girl to really understand it!

  2. Love it! Gilmore Girls has always been one of my favorite shows, and you’re right, there is so much to learn from it! And one of my favorite sayings to this day is “Oi with the poodles already.” 😉

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