This Is What I Do When I’m Sick

I was pretty much the walking dead this weekend, and I took that as an excuse to spend all of Saturday watching chick flicks and episodes of Disappeared on OWN.  I don’t know why I watched a Disappeared marathon because that show actually really freaks me out and had me checking my apartment’s locks eighteen times.  It also has me never wanting to drive on a highway again.  Like, ever.  Plus, everyone pretty much dies which is depressing.  They should make some episodes where the person is actually found alive, and then they sneak the survivor in at the end of the video with some SNEAK ATTACK music.  I’d be all for that.

Anyway, I watched a bunch of romantic comedies during the day, culminating in a decidedly romantic viewing of the Bourne Ultimatum.  Why is it romantic, you ask?  Because any movie with Matt Damon on a motorcycle is romantic in my books.

I have such a thing for secret agent stories that it isn’t even funny.  As you may know (or don’t), my first television love was Alias, the be-all-end-all of super spy television shows for me, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Plus, the Bourne series has such mystery and intrigue.  And did I mention that Matt Damon is on a motorcycle?!

Anyway, I threw a little foreshadowing into the first sentence of this post, and YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.  Not that you really would have.  But after this, go back and read it and you will totally have a lightbulb moment.  Sunday I started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, and holy-gory-geeks, that show is fantastic.

I thought it might be too gory for me, but then I remembered that I have a television-stomach-of-steel and only a few scenes with gore really got me.  The emotional arcs, though?  The thrills?  Those are a whole different story.  I was jumping in my seat.  Crying into a hanky.  I think my roommate thought I was getting progressively sicker because I was so incapacitated on the couch from all the crazzzayy plot twists.  If you are not watching, you should.  As someone who has heard over and over again all the hype about this show and resisted for literally two years – just do yourself a favor and give the first episode a try.

How were your weekends?

6 thoughts on “This Is What I Do When I’m Sick

  1. Haha! I definitely can’t handle The Walking Dead. I saw a teaser for one of the episodes and even THAT was too much for me, lol! However, let’s just discuss how I am on episode 56 of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries… oh my goodness, so addicting, haha! Also, feel better soon!

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