Pet Peeve Wednesday: Law School Edition

Hello all!  It’s been a llloonnnggg time since I’ve done one of these.  I guess I’ve just been too content and happy with my little lot in life.

Well, THANK GOODNESS that passed.

There’s nothing like a memo being due in legal writing to make me look at my current situation and think, “Why the hell am I here and why am I not sitting on my couch eating cupcakes and watching The View?”

These are the important questions, my friends.  Therefore, without further adieu, I bring you Pet Peeve Wednesday:  Law School edition.

1)  The memo.  I’m about 85% finished and every morning this week I’ve woken up with the best intentions to sit down and finish it.

It takes me roughly fifteen minutes to lose my steam and do something else – anything else – that is not memo writing.  I’ve done dishes.  I’ve finished laundry.  I’ve watched about eighteen bagillion episodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  You know what I haven’t done?  Finished that stupid memo.

2)  Free time isn’t a thing in law school.  Neither are productive days, because you have so much to do that even on days where you get a lot done, you look at what you STILL have left to do and cry.  Or if you’re me, you eat half a batch of cupcakes.

3) Constitutional Law.  For those of you  not in law school, just imagine all the depths of hell inside of a large red textbook.  It is the devil in book form, and just when you think it might be getting better it throws a ridiculous case at you and it sucks all over again.

Yeah Con Law, you are so not getting  Christmas card next year.

Alright, I need to go run and make my lunch before the shuttle comes.  Hope you enjoyed my mild law school complaining.  Hopefully I can get a recipe or two up here by the weekend!


11 thoughts on “Pet Peeve Wednesday: Law School Edition

  1. I think the worst thing about that red book is that it is 1700 pages of text and has a 346 page supplement and a 100-some page additional supplement. And then of course the no computers thing. Because that would be too easy.

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