Happy Thursday!

Let me tell you, syllabus week does not exist in law school.  I am inundated with readings this week, so I don’t have time for a full post with a recipe and all that jazz.  So, I’ll just leave you with this delightful GIF of Alan Rickman which may or may not represent my current feelings on life.

Happy Thursday aka It’s-Almost-Friday-And-Socially-Acceptable-To-Drink-Wine-And-Get-Weird.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Oh girl, I’m sorry! We didn’t have syllabus week my first week of grad school and I remember being surprised that there was reading I was expected to have done before the first day of class! Ah, good times… haha! Good luck, friend!

    • Mostly by doing really awful posts like this one, lol. I do try to have some quality content but sometimes with my schedule this is all I’ve got time for. Thanks for being impressed, though! Makes me feel a little more like I have it all together 😉

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