Golden Globes Recap

I don’t understand people who don’t love award shows.  It’s like prom for all the really pretty people of Hollywood, and we get to be all voyeuristic and watch.  What is there not to love there?!  I was going to do my usual fashion post, but there was so much about the show itself that I loved that I decided to just do a “My Favorite Parts of the Show” post.

1) Everything Lena Dunham

I don’t even watch Girls, but I was ridiculously happy for Lena and the show to win.  I think it’s so amazing to see this young writer rise up and sweep the show.  It’s inspiring for all us young writers who hope to someday achieve something.

2) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Okay, I watched Alias and I shipped Jen Garner and Michael Vartan real hard.  I was pretty devastated when she hooked up with Ben Affleck and then married him.  Over the years, though, and largely due to the adorableness that is their family, I have grown to be a huge Bennifer Part Deux fan.  And his little ode to her at the end of his speech was ADORABLE.  And then her playing wife at the beginning of her presenting just after?  UGH, dead.

3) Anne Hathaway’s Speech

“Thank you again for this lovely blunt object which I will forever use as a weapon against self doubt” – Anne Hathaway.

Enough said.

4) Tina and Amy


I’m going to start the campaign now for these two to host the Oscars next year.  Like, seriously, it would be amazeballs.


5) Drunk Glenn Close

I feel like this doesn’t need an explanation.

Did any of you watch?  How did you like it??

6 thoughts on “Golden Globes Recap

  1. Last night’s show was strictly amazing! Best awards ceremony in a long time! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should host everything from now on. When they came out after losing in their category with the drinks in their hand…so funny! They were amazing! Can Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck get any cuter? I love them!

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