Apartment 108: The Musical

So, I saw Pitch Perfect this weekend and now all I want to do is sing.  You may not know this about me but I am a huge theater nerd.  I did musicals all through high school and go see shows in the city whenever I have a chance.  I still count seeing Spring Awakening when it was in Chicago as one of the best nights of my life.  We had third row seats and then met the cast after the show.  Pretty sure that won’t be topped until my wedding.

Anyhoo, it’s been a non-stop musical here.  I used to try not to be too loud because the units here have paper thin walls, but I’ve gotten to the point where I have about zero shame.


My neighbors probably love this.  So much.

I have about two or three songs on rotation, and I just sing them over and over.  A few weeks ago it was Phantom of the Opera.  I sang those songs non-stop.  No matter what I was doing –  dishes, showering, driving – I was doing it with Andrew Lloyd Weber.

This week, it’s all Pitch Perfect with a random bit of John Legend thrown in.  I rediscovered his Revolver album and am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with it.  That man has the voice of an angel.

Any other closet musical people out there?!


12 thoughts on “Apartment 108: The Musical

  1. I’m pretty sure we should be best friends. I still haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, but I have seen Spring Awakening twice, plus a gazillion other Broadway musicals. I grew up about an hour outside of Manhattan so they were all a train ride away! Showtunes are my go-to cooking soundtrack!

    • Oh my gosh, I am so jealous!!! Did you get to see the original Broadway cast?! I love cooking to showtune soundtracks, too. In The Heights is one of my favorites. I dance to it so much I feel like I get a workout in, too!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only musical geek in the blogosphere!! I cannot wait to see the Les Miz movie. I’m a little leery (the 25th Anniversary concert was just so good!!) but I have hope 😀

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