Video Break: The Riff-Off

Just a quick post between finals studying here.  I want to share with you a video that I have been OD-ing on lately.  I think I’ve watched it about ten times today.  Will probably watch it more.  It’s just SO GOOD!

For those of you that have seen Pitch Perfect, it’s the riff-off scene.  For those of you who haven’t (including me, actually) it’s basically like a rap-off but with snippets of songs.  It’s fun.  The vocals are amazing.  And it will definitely bring a smile to your face 🙂


6 thoughts on “Video Break: The Riff-Off

  1. Hi there!
    wandered into your blog and I like what I`ve read so far! you remind me a lot of myself. I`m always studying for something while making time to bake some cookies or bread. good luck studying for finals! You`ll probably be seeing my comments in the future:-)

  2. oh man, i wish i had musical talent AND that i was quick enough to come up with lines like that. and i’m all for OD’ing on random things to break up studying or work…it’s the only way to preserve sanity. hehe. but good luck with the rest of ur ‘real’ work. 🙂

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