Kick It Up

With finals rapidly approaching I’ve been dealing with my fair share of stress.  This means I leave the law school early (that library in the afternoon is enough to make me break into hives) and hide away from the real world in my bedroom as I cram a bunch of contract law into my head that I will probably never use.  I’ve started working out more, too, as a way to work off my nervous energy.  Earlier in the semester I would do yoga to unwind, but lately I’ve needed something stronger.  Sometimes you want stretching and meditation.  Other times you just want to pretend to punch something.  Right now, I’m liking the punching.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I’ve been watching my fair share of Buffy lately.  I always find that when I watch that show I gravitate toward more physical and active workouts.  All the fight scenes just make me want to jump up and kick some booty.

Buffy Bamf

I also just want to be a badass like Buffy Summers.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Do you guys find that outside factors influence your workouts or do you have usual routines that you stick with?



10 thoughts on “Kick It Up

  1. I agree that outside factors influence my workout! I know that working out is very important but if a friend wants to randomly do something, I’ll do it instead and then hate that I didn’t workout later.

  2. oh i SO wish i could be so bad@$$ like that too! 🙂 and i certainly agree outside factors can really get me fired up and want to bust out a run like none other. 🙂 keep up the great work and try to stay sane with all that stress too!

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