Follow me, Like me, yada yada

This social media spam is brought to you by Ryan Gosling with a kid.  Because really, what is there not to love about that?

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while.  Despite the follow-me and like-me buttons sprinkled on the page, I feel like a little right-here-right-now endorsement could be helpful.  Because only about two of you actually follow me on social media.  Which is cool and all, but there are SO MANY SHENANIGANS that happen off the site.  Like, seriously.

So, here is my pitch!

I post a lot of food pictures.  I talk about a lot of tv.  And on occasion I have been known to be entertaining.  So, make of that what you will and PLEASE follow me on the social media bandwagon!

You can follow me on Twitter HERE.

You can like Tip Top Shape (and me!) on Facebook HERE.

And you can make fun of my attempt at photography on Instagram HERE.

Btw, I follow back 😀

7 thoughts on “Follow me, Like me, yada yada

  1. Ahrightahready!! I liked you on FB! Don’t make me regret it LOL! I am so old school…I don’t have a twitter account, have NO idea what Instagram is all about (I feel so out of it!).

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