Peppermint Bark

A funny thing happened last week, and it wasn’t me almost walking into the wrong apartment.

(That happened too, though.)

I ran out of eggs.  You’re probably like, “What’s the big deal?  You can go a day or two without eggs.”  My response to that would be, “Yes, a normal person could.  Emphasis on the word normal.”  Bakers and food bloggers are not normal.  Nope.  And we can’t go a day without eggs.  Oh no.  That would mean a day without frittatas.  A day with baking.  I mean, you might as well just stay in bed all day and consider it a lost cause.

Dramatics aside, (I know, crazzzyyyy thought for this blog) I did have to make something for softball and with no eggs, my options were pretty slim.  It also had to come together in about an hour.  Talk about a tall order.  I scanned the blogs for any no-bake recipes, but most of them required hours of setting.  I needed something quick.

Cue the peppermint bark entrance.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.  I always make it for my holiday baskets, and they are an absolute cinch to make.  I guess they just seem too seasonal for me.  Just like you don’t break out velvet until winter, it felt a bit early for peppermint.

Well, I ended up saying, “Screw you, seasonal” and made it anyway.  And it was a complete who-cares-that-it’s-still-October-hit.  This is seriously one of the easiest desserts to make.  You just melt white chocolate, pour some crushed peppermint candy on top, and you have a fantastic dessert that goes a long way.  Barks are great because they can be a vehicle for a whole bunch of toppings.  Nuts and cranberries would be great on this instead of the peppermint, or even a different candy.  Let your imagination run wild!

Peppermint Bark


2 lbs white chocolate, melted

1 cup crushed peppermint


Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil and set aside.  In a microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate.  Do it in 30 second intervals, stirring at each interval to make sure the chocolate doesn’t burn.  Sprinkle the crushed peppermint on top.  Place in freezer to set for 40-60 minutes.  Break into pieces and serve.

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