Pet Peeve Wednesday: Champaign-Urbana Edition

As a city girl, I was pretty nervous about making the trek down south and settling in a city literally surrounded by corn fields.  When I was choosing law school, the unreasonable side of me went, “No!  Stay in civilization!  You can’t give up J. Crew and Intelligentsia coffee!”.  Of course, the reasonable side of me went, “Stop being ridiculous and go to the better school.  There is still coffee in Champaign.  I hear Walmart isn’t half bad, either.”

The reasonable side won out.

I’ve acclimated surprisingly well down here.  I think part of it is the people, but I genuinely like the area.  It’s so different from my experience in the city, and in the best way possible.  But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find something to complain about.  So, without further adieu…

1)  There is too much damn corn.  And fresh air.  And pollen or whatever stupid stuff is in the air that makes me feel like I was hit by a truck in the morning.  I’ve gone through more tissues here than I think I did in my entire undergraduate career.

2)  Champaign-Urbana drivers are terrible.  I thought city drivers were bad, but at least they went OVER the speed limit.  Here, you get stuck behind someone going 20 mph on a 40 mph street, and you’re just like, “Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!”

3)  Did I mention there is a lot of driving?  I mean, A LOT.  I’m used to being able to walk everywhere or take the El. Now, I actually have to use my car, and anyone who has driven with me knows this is not a good thing.  It takes me no less than two tries to park my car.  I’m talking every time, people.  

4)  The weather down here is really wonky in the sense that in the morning it will be something like 50 degrees – you’re freezing your you-know-whats off – and then by the time you leave school (or work) it is up in the 80s and you feel like you’re getting premature hot flashes.  It’s like — weather, stop PMSing.  Make up your damn mind.

5)  This has less to do with Champaign-Urbana, and more to do with the shuttle driver who takes all of us to campus in the morning.  For some reason, the driver never drops us off at the street corner where there is sidewalk.  Instead we get dropped off next to a bunch of grass which is always wet with morning dew.  Have you ever walked in flip-flops through dew-wet-grass?  Yeah, don’t.  

Well, that’s about all the complaining I have in me this morning.  What’s peeving you off today?


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeve Wednesday: Champaign-Urbana Edition

  1. College drivers suck, yes. But college parkers are worse. Nothing grinds my gears more with parking than the people who don’t use up an entire parallel parking area. Hard to explain but basically from the corner to about 10 ft in is yellow (no parking) then there is about 3 car lengths worth of room until the next no-parking zone, but 2 people who I want to stab in the eye with a wooden spoon decide to both leave a ton of room in front, and behind them, but just enough to not be able to fit a car. If people can’t park, they shouldn’t be allowed to drive either.

    Also I don’t know why outside of Chicago, a lawn chair is not a valid item to hold a spot? Why can’t everyone be just as understanding? In downtown Chicago, if you want to pull into a space and a lawn chair is there, you just keep looking. I’ve seen people in Lafayette and West Lafayette just hit the chairs with their cars in order to park.

    Maybe a wooden spoon won’t prove my point enough?

  2. At least it’s a CITY surrounded by corn. Christopher grew up in the COUNTRY surrounded by corn in Illinois. Haha! And hey, you’ve got the Fighting Illini which is Christopher’s favorite college team so that’s a win. Sorry about all the annoying things, though!

    • Despite the post I actually really love it here. It’s so different from my undergrad experience. AND I get to go to a barndance, which I’ve pretty much wanted to do since my friends did in undergrad. So…no more complaining on this end! lol

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